Gobet88 Casino Malaysia Deposit Bonus

Gobet88 Casino Malaysia Deposit Bonus

Get more Casino Malaysia Online with Gobet88 Casino Malaysia Online latest promotion for Deposit Bonus.5% Deposit Bonus of up to RM40 for All today!!!

Join as member and do your Deposit Bonus!!http://iocm.ibet5888.com/

Gobet88 Casino Malaysia Deposit Bonus

Gobet88 Rewarding Deposit Bonus Up To RM40 Terms & Conditions:

  • Gobet88 Casino Malaysia 5% bonus is auto given to all deposit of RM40 and above into sports game and casino live & slot games.
  • Bonus is calculated based on member’s deposit amount.
    Example :
    Member’s deposit = RM1,000
    RM1000 x 5% = RM50 bonus
    Given credit = RM1,050
  • Gobet88 Casino Malaysia Bonus will be credited into member’s game account together with the deposit amount.
  • If total accumulated bet reach 10x of deposit amount, then the bonus amount can be withdrawn as well.
  • No turnover requirement for withdrawal. If total accumulated bet doesn’t reach 10x of deposit amount, deposit bonus will be deducted from betting account during withdrawal.
  • This offer is automatically given in conjunction with all other Gobet88 Casino Malaysia promotions.
  • Draw results or bet placed on two opposite sides will not be calculated into total accumulated bet.

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